Security Policies

Security of funds and user information is our top priority.

Our security team is continually improving our end-to-end security measures, improving auditing processes, and reducing the 'attack surface' of our infrastructure. Please note that we cannot disclose too many details of the security measures implemented on the platform for security and proprietary reasons.

Account Security

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is required when you log in to your account or make crypto withdrawals.
  • We hash and salt your password and use encryption to secure your personal information and other sensitive information, both in transit and at rest.

Advanced verification tools

  • Login data is saved and analysed for unusual activity.
  • Intelligent system detects IP Address changes to prevent session hijacking.
  • Email notifications report logins and include a link to instantly freeze your account if you suspect malicious activity.
  • Limit access to your account based on IP address.

Email encryption with OpenPGP

Want more protection? Encrypted email communication (PGP) adds an extra layer of privacy and security.