Privacy Policy

It is mandatory for you to provide the requested information at the time of signup. The information requested by 99ETRADE is not based on its discretion alone. Instead, every piece of detail is fundamental to ensuring the existence of a system that’s free of money laundering and identity frauds.

For this purpose, you have to make sure that every piece of information you enter into the form while signing up is free from errors. At the same time, all the provided information should be up-to-date. You have to comply with the privacy policy laid out by 99ETRADE on this page while providing your information on the website and guarantee that all the information you have provided belongs only to you.

Shall there be any changes to the information you have provided on the website e.g. your address, banking information, etc. you have to inform 99ETRADE about it immediately by calling on one of our phone numbers.

99ETRADE can and may use the information you provide on the website for placing advertisements on the websites that are tailored for you according to your details. However, you have the right to opt out of the advertisement placement by notifying the company about it. You can always send us an email to request the removal of advertisements based on your information. You can also choose to not receive this ad content at the time of signing up with 99ETRADE. Please give us 10 business days to make the necessary changes to ad placement based on your request.

Information provided by service and website users is safe with 99ETRADE. However, if court orders or any legal notices require the company to give an entity access to the private information of a customer, the access will be given.

All the private information of 99ETRADE’s clients will be dealt as private. It will not be provided to any third parties without authorization from the client. This information, however, can be disclosed if the client has opted into an option of disclosure of information. Also, the information can be disclosed if certain laws require it to be disclosed. The private information provided by the client will, however, be exposed to any staff members who are taking care of the account details of the client.

99ETRADE can make use of any information that does not qualify as sensitive or confidential for tailoring its advertisement content for the customer.

Any registrations in the name of another business or corporation completed by a person will be representatives of the entities on behalf of which the person has opened an account. This person, who has opened the account, will have the legal right to impose the terms and conditions of 99ETRADE on the company, business, corporation, etc. on whose behalf he/she has opened an account.

The client gives consent to the company to use the private information provided by the client in case of dispute resolution. The client also gives consent to the company to store its information pertaining to identification, account activities, etc.

For traders to be able to conduct transactions, they have to provide some information in written and/or documentary form. Failure to provide this information gives 99ETRADE the right to freeze, seal, or close the account of the trader. Without prejudice to the previous statement,99ETRADE can close an account or not open one for a trader without presenting a reason or by presenting any reason, thereof.

The client agrees that the company has the right, but not the obligation, to inspect the information provided on the website without disclosing the purpose of the inspection to the client.

Ongoing updates of technology are inevitable and the company has the right to incorporate them into its system to make the platform, transactions, account activities, etc. safer for its clients.

The client will be provided with a username and password after signing up with 99ETRADE. The login details, including the password and login username, are private and sensitive information whose secrecy is dependent on the client. Any access to or use of this information by a third party, with or without client’s consent and/or with or without client’s knowledge, will not be considered a liability or responsibility of the company. The client is held responsible for the protection of the login credentials, and for the disclosure of this information with or without his/her knowledge.

The company will give access to the system when proper ID and password are used in combination to access a client’s account. It is not the responsibility of the company to verify, confirm, and/or inspect to find out that it is the authorized client accessing the account and using the login credentials.

It is obligatory for the client to inform the company about any suspicious activities with the client’s account.

In accordance with PCI-SSC’s recommendations and regulations, the company will use 256-bit encryption protocols and SSL to protect all of the credit or debit card information provided by the client while signing up and using the services of the company.

The term “Company” refers to 99ETRADE.

The term “Client” refers to any person who opens an account with 99ETRADE, serves as a marketer for the company in any capacity and/or uses the website of 99ETRADE for trading, research purposes or any other useful gains.