Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposit methods

  • Crypto wallet
  • Credit card
  • Wire


Every withdrawal request must be done through the trading account and not by mail.

A customer may, at any time, withdraw any liquid funds (withdrawable balance) they have in the account – unless the mentioned funds are attached to the bonus.

To prevent money laundering, a withdrawal will be sent only the same way the funds were deposited. If a deposit was made by a card, the funds will be sent only to the same card. If the deposit was made by a bank wire transfer, the funds will be sent only to the original bank account.

A client must approve every withdrawal telephonically with a representative of the company. If the client cannot approve it telephonically within 3 business days – the withdrawal will be cancelled, and the client will have to open a new withdrawal request.

From the moment the withdrawal is processed it normally takes 4-7 business days to appear in the client’s bank account \ bank card.